How to Convert PPT to FLV Video format using Solutery PPT to Video Converter?

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FLV video format is not commonly used nowadays but if a certain situation needs it then Solutery is able to help.

Got a PPT that needs to be converted to a video file?

Solutery can turn your PPT file to a video format like FLV. The most media player can play an FLV file and some people still use it since the file size is smaller compared to other formats.

Other advantages of FLV

  • Can be used as presentations online, banner ads, and online animations
  • Mostly viewed online by web visitors due to flash player plugins
  • Can be easily downloaded, viewed by broadband, dial-up and older computers.

All you need is to download Solutery PPT to Video converter.

Solutery PPT to Video Converter

Solutery PPT to Video Converter

A software with basic function that people can easily use and understand. Having a PowerPoint file whether for data analysis, report, and other uses, you can let your audience view it as a video file.

Solutery has other video formats available for conversions like AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, and FLV. AS for this post, we are going to tackle how to convert a PPT to an FLV file format.

Download Solutery (Windows/Mac) and install.

Converting PPT to FLV

Launch Solutery PPT to video converter


  1. Drag and drop a file or click +Add file after adding a single file to add more PPT’s
  2. Click Convert button

This is the only steps if you don’t want to edit more on the video.”

Adding Flavor to the Video

Texts don’t need greater resolution when it comes to video and an average resolution is sufficient. If you add a short video or a video ad on your PPT then a need for higher resolution might be necessary. Different options are available for choosing the right resolution. These options are available at the “Video resolution” tab located below.

Video resolution is not the only features to make a great PPT presentation. Adding a background music can be an amazing thing if you know what you’re doing and how to do it. You can add a song already saved on your computer or if you plan a to add a lossless quality audio then you can use other products of Solutery such as Solutery Audio Recorder.

“Cinch Audio Recorder can be used for adding background music”

Slide transition can help in having the right transition for the next slide. Practicing before converting to get the right seconds may be necessary or you can try to guess it by repeating conversion.

Free trial vs Fully Registered

A free trial can only make you convert 5 slides or pages only while having a fully registered version can convert limitless slides. There’s not much any difference between the two except the limitations.

So what are you waiting for?

Solutery is the solution, comment, and share.

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