How to Copy and Record Movies from DVD using Audials One 2018?

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After the torrent site is not working perfectly anymore for the past few years, people are mostly looking everywhere online to download their favorite movies. If you can find an alternative to torrent sites or kickass, the list of movies is still lacking compared to the two sites mentioned.

How about DVD movies?

Even though DVD players are mostly obsolete in some countries due to the availability of storage devices like flash drives and external hard drive, some people tend to copy and record these movies whether old or new for collection or later viewing purposes.

Do you have access to high-quality DVD movies at home or from a friend?

I suggest to copy or record them now. Reason for this is movies tend to be lost online when the popularity is low. A great example of this is old movies that are not viewed anymore.

If there’s a movie you found online, the problem is the seeding is too low and it will take days to finish. Also, if you did happen to find it, there’s a chance it’s not the right movie you’re looking for.

So, if you got a DVD movie lying around or from a friend, copy or record it immediately before the DVD is damaged or lost its quality due to scratches.

How to Copy and Record Movies from DVD using Audials One 2018?

Step 1: Launch Audials One 2018.

On the 9th menu tab on the left, click Copy DVD menu tab.

Step 2: Insert the DVD movie of your choice.

If you insert a DVD that was burned using software and the option you chose was transferring folders then the Audials One 2018 Copy DVD option won’t work like the image shown below.

The Next button is not highlighted.

audials dashboard

But if you have a DVD movie or DVD that was burned correctly then the Next button will be highlighted in the image below.


Click Next and click the Start copying button.

Choosing the Video Format Output

Below, you have the option to choose which video output format you want.

output audials

There are a lot of video format to choose, see the image below.

Convert to any Video Output Format

A lot of software has multiple video format to choose from the output file but Audials has a heck of a lot of options even to a specified device.


Audials One 2018 offers alternative options to copy or download movies besides online source. Most of the people do not have subscriptions to sites like Netflix, iflix, and other sites that provide movies to watch. Not just subscription but has poor internet providers which some countries have right now. It’s a great way to preserve some old movies you love since the lifespan of using DVD doesn’t last too long compared to flash drives and external hard drives.

Do you have lots of DVD movies lying around?

Copy or record them and save some space in your home.

Let me know if you have any difficulties using Audials One 2018

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