Dr. Fone – Switch Review: Copy from One Phone to Another Easily

December 10, 2017 | | Post a Comment

Most of us use or have different mobile phones. Reason for this is due to different network providers, use or feature that other mobile OS doesn’t have, and more.

By having more than a mobile phone, we find the struggle when it comes to transferring files especially the contacts, messages, images, videos and other documents.

Do you sometimes have this trouble and manually transfer a lot of files to your other mobile device?

I have my old phones with me also that I wanted to transfer its data. \

Never would have thought it was possible though.

I recently encountered this software, and it really made the task much easier and fast.

Dr. Fone – Switcher Review: Copy from One Phone to Another Easily

Dr. Fone Switcher

What Dr. Fone – Switch Can Do?

  1. Transfers data or files from Android to iOS or vice versa
  2. Copies all your contacts, messages, videos, photos and more
  3. Compatible with Android devices on Oreo 8.0 and iOS 11
  4. Fast and easy

You don’t have to worry if you’re using other brands of mobile devices since it works on more than 6000 mobile devices. Mobile networks aren’t an issue as well as it works perfectly in other network providers for different countries

Secure and No Data Loss

It’s safe to transfer any data file you have since you’ll be using only your laptop and your phone.

Worth Every Penny

The process was fast; the process took only 15- 20 minutes. I just waited for it to finish and drank my beer. After the process, I checked all the data on my iPhone 6+ and Samsung S8, and it seems to be all there. For software that cost less than $40, it’s worth every buck.

Before I used to transfer it manually, it was so time-consuming, but now I don’t worry about it anymore.


If ever you have any data to transfer to any device you have, use Dr. Fone – Switch. Me and other people as well find it to be more reliable.

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