iSkysoft iMusic Review – All in One Music Solution

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iMusic from iSkysoft is looked cool but what’s exactly it and how much it cost?  Want to know more about it? This is the detailed iSkysoft iMusic review that includes all you want to know. I am going to show the complete details and hands-on testing.


iSkysoft iMusic Review

Music is a medicine: It does everything from decreasing our anxiety to helping us fall asleep at night. More than that there are many benefits in listening to music such as increasing workout endurance, reducing stress, soothe us at times of distress, etc.

iSkysoft iMusic is a perfect music solution for iOS and Android devices. This software acts as an all-in-one solution for music lovers. iSkysoft iMusic manages to help its users to discover and download or record music tracks freely, from over 3000 sites. Further, creating backups, fixing entire iTunes library and their transferral is also made possible with this tool.

iSkysoft iMusic free download for Windows

iSkysoft iMusic free download for Mac


is iSkysoft iMusic safe to download music?

It offers two ways to download music, one is to download directly from streaming sites by giving the song’s url. The other one is to record music. The first method is illegal so I would mark it as unsafe.  The recording method is definitely safe, recording any for your personal use is totally legal. you can even record music with the Windows recorder software.


Key Features of iSkysoft iMusic

Discover and download music

It recommends us, the trending music albums and songs that are sizzling online. Thus, iSkysoft iMusic assists us to replenish our music library with music tracks from the most popular artists, and of your favorite genres to feature the hottest playlist.

Supports 3000+ sites

iMusic enables a proficient compatibility with numerous websites such as YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, VEVO and more. So, all the favorite music/audios can be directly downloaded from these websites or saved to our iTunes library.

Record Songs

This software features a button ‘Recording’ that records songs from radios when clicked. And the best part about it is that it automatically enlists the ID3 tags: song title, artist name, year and genre, to our device.

Transfer music

1. Apple devices and iTunes

With iSkysoft iMusic it is possible to transfer music, Podcasts, TV shows, etc between apple devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) and iTunes library freely; without any expunction of existing data from the Apple devices. With a single click, files can be transferred from any devices to your iTunes library in original quality. We can drag and drop songs from PC/MAC/iTunes library to other Apple devices. A ‘backup’ option for music is included which will be useful when having a new computer.

2. Android and iTunes

This software perfectly connects iTunes library with Android and synchronizes music files from iTunes to other devices like Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola, ZTE, Lenovo, etc.

Backup/Rebuild iTunes library

It leads to a complex process, when we wish to buy a new computer or if we have lost the original iTunes library, to get the iTunes back. iSkysoft iMusic makes it easier; just by connecting the device to our computer and the needed songs can be transferred to iTunes library.

Fixes-up entire iTunes library

Besides downloading and transferring songs iSkysoft iMusic helps to mend entire iTunes library by cleaning the dead or broken tracks from Itunes library, fixes mislabelled songs, automatically add missing covers and remove unwanted tracks.

Powerful toolbox

The iSkysoft iMusic toolbox contains almost all the tools that require managing music in Apple and android phones such as it allows to recover iTunes library, fix iTunes tags, backup is possible, removes music DRM protection, burns selected music and can share music to any USB drive.


Supported OS

  • iOS- the latest version of iOS 10 and former ones
  • Android- Android 2.1 to Android 6.0
  • iPod- iPod OS 1.0 and iPod OS 2.0


iSkysoft iMusic cost:

$39.95 for 1-year license

$59.95  for lifetime license

Bottom line:


  • Compatible with windows PC and MAC
  • Transfer, download, and record: all-in-one software
  • Can download songs for free
  • Fixes/organizes iTunes library
  • price is a litte bit high


  • Directly download mode is might be illegal 
  • A bit complicated installation
  • Features in the trial version and the full version are considerably different
  • can’t transfer music to Apple Music
  • hard to use and no help documents

If you are a music freak then iSkysoft iMusic is a must have tool for you. It is a complete all in one music solutions. I strongly recommend you to give it a try and share your experience by commenting.

Don’t use iSkysoft iMusic crack which may harmful for your computer. Instead, you can get a big iSkysoft iMusic coupon here to receive the iSkysoft iMusic registration code. Or you can simply get fund after 30 days. The software offers 30 days money back guarantee.

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