PDFElement 6.2.0 Review: Create, Convert, and Edit PDF’s

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Software for editing image and PDF is expensive.


Whether small, medium to large businesses, software that’s capable of this is very useful. It makes the work of the employees more time efficient. PDFElement is one of the software where it can convert many documents/files (Microsoft office) to PDF.

Competitors of PDFElement 6.2.0

  • Cinch PDF Converter
  • Solutery PDF Converter
  • Adobe Acrobat PRO DC


  • Great for converting document files (Microsoft Office documents) to PDF
  • OCR option is amazing and have the option to edit the PDF itself
  • If you have used the previous version then the UI is familiar and easy to use but for new users may take time to familiarize.


  • Sometimes lag
  • Few advance option

The great thing about this software is that its features are affordable to many almost or below $100. Compared to other software that’s more expensive and the ones that are cheaper are still good but lacks some features.

On the PDF itself is you are able to edit the text or add descriptions, label pages, paste images and more.

The availability of this software is made available to Windows, Mac and iOS users.

For non-password protected documents or PDF’s, you can directly make some changes and edit it right away. You can make use fully of the OCR option by scanning document and edit.

How About Documents that are Handwritten?

These are the challenges of most software with OCR features. The good thing is you can scan these files and can convert to PDF. The problem is when you are editing, since the writing and the edit won’t be in uniform. The option for this is to type it first in word then use PDFElement to convert the file and make necessary edits or changes.

Most of the documents mentioned are handwritten with formulas.

Drag n Drop

Besides importing context by using a scanner or by its OCR function, you can drag n drop context, images, and any content which you want to add or edit. Its usability is simple.

Other Features

To protect your documents, you can add security protection like passwords to prevent users that are unauthorized or copyright by adding digital signatures.

Experience of Most User

Tools for business-level including, convert MS Office to PDF, Editing the PDF, and extraction of data for analysis makes it worth to buy. It has a feeling of Pro since some of its competitors can’t actually edit the PDF itself or for competitors that can actually edit the PDF file can be expensive.

It’s not for business level only but can be used by students on times needed like research.

What is your experience of PDFElement version 6.2?

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