How to Record Music from Using Cinch Audio Recorder

January 6, 2018 | | Post a Comment is one of the many music websites that existed years back and is still a preferred platform where music lovers find their favorite songs.   It was founded in the Year 2002 by four gentlemen from Austria and Germany: Felix Miller, Martin Stiksel, Michael Breidenbrueker and Thomas Willomitzer. using a system that functions as a music recommender called Audioscobbler which allows it to track a user’s musical preference while building the users’ profile by recording details of the tracks they are listening to, the radio stations they are visiting and all other behavioral data that it can gather.

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Back in the old days when social media wasn’t popular yet, was a social platform for music enthusiasts where they can interact and connect with each other. There are even events that you can go to and meet other users. With a free user account, you can have your own Last.Fm profile with information such as your username, avatar, date of registration, the tracks that you’ve been playing, and list of your preferred artists and bands.  These are visible to everyone. Its track-o-meter feature shows your musical compatibility. – Platform of Choice

There are some music streaming services available nowadays but Last.Fm seems to be the platform of choice for a lot of music lovers. It specializes in recommendations which is lesser hassle rather than searching a song (from millions of tracks) that suits your taste.  It recommends music accurately because it stores all your musical preferences into its database and searches the music that you most probably would like.  Even with this feature, it still has the flexibility to allow you to stay on top of your musical choices by giving your freedom to browse music yourself.

Speaking of flexibility, you can integrate your account to streaming services such as iTunes, Soundcloud, and Spotify. This is way cooler rather than having to separately log-in to your accounts on these platforms!

Its best cool feature that everyone loves is its charts. It shows your top tracks, artists, albums and weekly top artists and albums. If you are an artist, you’ll see your popular and top tracks, top listeners, and list of similar artists.

Well, you can only gain access to your top tracks if you are signed in and if you have a good internet connection. doesn’t allow downloading which limits accessibility to good music.  Also, it’s mobile app doesn’t have a good review, so it means that you’d rather access your account via your computer.  The top tracks are your favorite songs, so the best way to enjoy it is to listen to it anytime and anywhere without the need to sit down in front of a computer and access your account, or, a good internet speed.

How to Record Music from Using Cinch Audio Recorder?

Cinch Audio Recorder is the best tool answers your need to enjoy your favorite artists’ songs in just the comforts of where you are.  You can easily share your songs with your friends in just a matter of seconds.

Of course, you need to install Cinch Audio Recorder on your computer.

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Once done, you are now ready to record all the songs that you want in simple, easy steps.

Log-in to your account and choose your favorite top track. Have it ready to play while launching your Cinch Audio Recorder. screen

Once you start playing your song, click on the record button on your Cinch window.


It is found at the leftmost top portion of Cinch interface.  Click again on that button when you stop recording.  Your file is automatically saved as MP3 and is ready to be saved on your computer and mobile devices.

I hope this article helps you to record music from using Cinch Audio Recorder. Do download and try the free trial version of the software now to check it features. Once you try it I bet you would certainly opt for the premium version of this software. So do try it and share in your experience by commenting.

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