How to Record Music from Pandora using Cinch Audio Recorder?

November 27, 2017 | | Post a Comment

Pandora is great for having your own customized radio music at your disposal.

Music varies from the ones that are popular to various unknown artist waiting to be discovered. Having these features at your side still has its limits.

Have you noticed this limit?

The limits that I’m referring to are the accessibility which is limited only to a specific country, the quality of the music you’re able to listen, and no option to download the songs you like.

Let’s Start with Geographical Location

In mid-2017 specifically on the month of July, Australia and New Zealand received an email that Pandora will stop its accessibility on the 31st. In August 2017, Pandora is only accessible to the United States only.

As this seems to be a sad time for both Australians and from New Zealand, it may not affect much due to the rising number of music streaming sites accessible.

Low Quality Even in Premium

On free subscription from Pandora, you’re only able to listen to listen to the low-quality audio of 64kbp/s for AAC and 128kbp/s for MP3. This might not matter to people who are not music enthusiast but matters to avid listeners to music.

After upgrading to premium, you’re only able to stream a maximum bitrate of 192 kbp/s.

“If you listen to its web player its bitrate is around 64kbp/s and 192kbp/s but for other devices, it will be around 128 kbp/s or below it but not above 64kbp/s.”

Protection From DMCA

There’s no option to download the music and the option available is to stream only. Other limitations are also implemented on the site which gives a lot of negative feedbacks to it.

The question remains in the thoughts of music listeners, is there a way to download music from Pandora?

There is a way to get the songs but not downloading but somewhat similar.

The only way to acquire the songs is through recording using Cinch Audio Recorder.

Download Here: Cinch Audio Recorder

Cinch Audio Recorder has proven itself and earned the trust of people when it comes to music streaming site.

Can it record all the songs without difficulty?

Yes, you can record all the songs with ease using this software. It’s quite easy to use, there’s no need to dilly-dally over it.

How to Record music from Pandora using Cinch Audio Recorder?

Step 1: Launch Cinch first before playing the music.

Step 2: Click Start Recording button

Step 3: Open your web browser and play music on Pandora

Step 4: Wait for the song to finish and on Cinch click “Stop recording”

Step 5: Just wait a few seconds for the tags to appear.

That’s it, want to record music by batch or all your playlist?

Just do the same process and click stop recording when all of your songs are played.

Cinch will automatically split each song depending on the settings you have set.

Songs are automatically saved to MP3 or you have the option to save it as lossless WAV for a higher quality audio but be ready though as it will take too much space in your storage.

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