How to Record Music from Spotify using Cinch Audio Recorder?

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Spotify is the top music streaming site recognized by people all over the world. It is the top site for streaming music due to its accessibility in most devices, to other countries, and takes not too much data using our very own smartphones.

It’s not just these reasons alone but due to its large selections of music, most of the music you want to find is mostly available.

As much as streaming online is a great thing to have but a need for listening music without using data is also a great thing.

Have you traveled before?

Traveling either by land or air sometimes have no wifi or data signal in some parts especially in remote places.

How about by sea?

Although people are not usually traveling at sea any more mobile data or wifi are sometimes not available.

Listening to music from Spotify without using data or wifi

Although downloading is a no-no option for Spotify, recording seems to be the great way to do it.

But how and what tool to use for recording?

There are multiple ways of recording which are done in the past which is recording through a tape recorder, using our smartphone by downloading recording apps, and other devices for recording.

Technology nowadays makes it more convenient for us.

Audio Recorder software is rampantly available online.

But which audio recorder to use?

The top rising Audio Recorder for this 2017 is Cinch Audio Recorder.

“I think your Cinch Audio Recorder program is great (especially the auto-identification of MP3 tags), one of the best programs I’ve purchased recently.”

-Julius Marlowe

How to Record Music from Spotify using Cinch Audio Recorder?

Download Here: Cinch Audio Recorder

Open your Cinch on your desktop/laptop.

Register for unlimited recording and acquiring full features.

Open Spotify from your browser of choice.

On Cinch, Click Start Recording button

Play a song of your choice and wait.

When the song ends, Click Stop Recording.

Wait a few seconds for the track to be visible on Cinch’s menu playlist and for the appearance of its tags.

Recording by bunch or multiple songs at once

Do the same process in the beginning and instead of playing a single track only, play all the songs from your playlist. Play all of it until the last track.

Cinch will automatically split the songs and acquire all of its tags almost to perfection.

In settings, you can adjust how it will split automatically or if you choose to save it as a single file.

MP3 or as WAV file

All the songs recorded are quickly saved as MP3 or if you choose a more lossless quality track then select WAV in settings.

WAV offers better quality but the file size will be larger compared using MP3. Although its MP3, its bitrate is higher than others which are 320 kbp/s

Premium subscription from Spotify releases lossless quality.

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