How to Recover Deleted Messages from Xiaomi Redmi 4?

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When it comes messages, it’s really important. We tend to save messages whether for business, personal, and other uses. If you lost or deleted a message it’s still possible to recover it. To recover deleted messages from Xiaomi Redmi 4, you need a software recovery for Android.

Will it be able to recover all your deleted messages?

Yes, as long as the deleted messages are too long like 5 years ago.

Follow the steps below to recover the data files (messages).

Best Android Data Recovery Software

The recovery software that can retrieve your messages is Wondershare Dr. Fone.


It’s the most trusted recovery software for any Android OS device.

First, download and install Wondershare Dr. Fone.

Second, refrain from deleting more messages for the recently deleted messages to be overlapped.

Third, make sure your Redmi 4 can be synced with your laptop or computer.

Fourth, the battery life must be enough to be not below 20%. Above 50% is more than sufficient.

How to Recover Deleted Messages from Xiaomi Redmi 4?

Connect Device to PC/Laptop

This is the first of the three steps when you launch Wondershare. This is to check connectivity and if it’s synced 100%

connect to laptop

USB Debugging Mode

Next thing you will do is to turn on the USB debugging mode in settings. For your Redmi 4, select the 3rd tab menu as shown in the image.

  • Enter settings
  • Application
  • Development
  • Turn on USB debugging mode

Click Next button.


Before clicking next, check the battery life.

Identify your Device

When the device is detected, the various option of data files will appear. Options like Messages, Gallery, Videos, Contact, Images, and WhatsApp messages. For this step, choose messages.

Type of file to recover

Alternative Method

This is the most common method that people choose since people are only trying to recover the recently deleted data (messages).

scan files

Tick the first radio button to scan only the recent deleted files. The second option is to scan all the files but this will take more time. Choose this option if you plan to scan deleted files few days ago.

Last step of the Recovery Process

On this step, Wondershare will scan all the recently deleted files if you chose the first option of the alternative method. Below, it shows the actual image but the model of the phone will be Redmi 4. On the left, you will see the messages and beside it is the number counter of how many were recently deleted or the number of messages you can retrieve. The number files retrievable can be viewed at the lower center.

wondershare dr.fone

Select the files (messages) you will retrieve and click the Recover button.

If you have more messages to recover, register your software. The free trial version will only let you recover limited data.

Most people purchase the lifetime subscription which is affordable. There are monthly subscriptions if you opt to have it.

Wondershare Dr. Fone is the most trusted software when it comes to recovering files.

How was your experience using Wondershare?

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