Category: Tips is one of the many music websites that existed years back and is still a preferred platform where music lovers find their favorite songs.   It was founded in the Year 2002 by four gentlemen from Austria and Germany: Felix Miller, Martin Stiksel, Michael Breidenbrueker and Thomas Willomitzer. using a system that functions as a music recommender called Audioscobbler which allows it to track a user’s musical preference while

Pandora is great for having your own customized radio music at your disposal. Music varies from the ones that are popular to various unknown artist waiting to be discovered. Having these features at your side still has its limits. Have you noticed this limit? The limits that I’m referring to are the accessibility which is limited only to a specific country, the quality of the music you’re able to listen,

Spotify is the top music streaming site recognized by people all over the world. It is the top site for streaming music due to its accessibility in most devices, to other countries, and takes not too much data using our very own smartphones. It’s not just these reasons alone but due to its large selections of music, most of the music you want to find is mostly available. As much

After the torrent site is not working perfectly anymore for the past few years, people are mostly looking everywhere online to download their favorite movies. If you can find an alternative to torrent sites or kickass, the list of movies is still lacking compared to the two sites mentioned. How about DVD movies? Even though DVD players are mostly obsolete in some countries due to the availability of storage devices

FLV video format is not commonly used nowadays but if a certain situation needs it then Solutery is able to help. Got a PPT that needs to be converted to a video file? Solutery can turn your PPT file to a video format like FLV. The most media player can play an FLV file and some people still use it since the file size is smaller compared to other formats.

When it comes messages, it’s really important. We tend to save messages whether for business, personal, and other uses. If you lost or deleted a message it’s still possible to recover it. To recover deleted messages from Xiaomi Redmi 4, you need a software recovery for Android. Will it be able to recover all your deleted messages? Yes, as long as the deleted messages are too long like 5 years

When the music streaming websites delivery method is that listen to music online for free without downloading MP3 files. This method of listening to music is particularly useful for situations that need instantaneous delivery, such as listen to free radio If you want to listen to music on your music or burn to CD, you need to download an audio file in a format like MP3. Check out How to

How to listen to Spotify offline without premium? How to keep Spotify music forever? Are you here looking for ways to convert Spotify to MP3 format? Then you are at the right place! Today I will show you how you can convert Spotify to MP3 format in two different ways. Method 1: Record Spotify Music and save it in MP3 format (Recommend) Method 2: Download Spotify Music to MP3 format