Top Music Streaming Sites in US?

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Spotify is the top music streaming site, but its competitors are trying to catch up as well.

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Around the globe, the demand for streaming music jolted its way up. As more people are trying to listen conveniently with their devices, people now shy away from CD, DVD and any physical recordings. More people are much more aware now when it comes to availability of music, but top music streaming sites in the US are only a few.

Time and effort were used to make this lists of top 5 streaming services for various type of listeners. Whether you’re into streaming, uncovering new music, and the best music quality you can find.

What we collected:

Top Music Streaming Sites in US?


SpotifyIn the United States, Spotify has been reigning due to its accessibility where you can find mostly on many devices smartphones, tablets, computers (Windows and Mac) and much more. You can mostly listen anywhere since the strength for internet access is not an issue.

When it comes to its music catalog, it has a lot around 30 Million, and you can listen to it for free for a period. After the free trial, an affordable subscription comes next with options which ables you to listen lossless quality.

Apple Music

Apple MusicAs people prefer Spotify for its usability, feature, and availability, Apple still has reasons for being second.

For people with iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks will definitely love since the intelligent personal assistant SIRI can search their songs specifically whether artist, title, playlist and everything else. Long time iTunes user can enjoy more benefits for storing a lot of songs and accessible anytime for them.

Beats one radio from Apple Music is one of the perks you can have if you like pop music.


PandoraIn the early 2000, Pandora is venturing categories to music bringing a new type of songs for people to discover and appreciate.

No matter who you like to listen, Pandora will continuously create a list of favorable songs to your fondness. A radio style music is streaming where you can press, play music, click thumbs up or down while Pandora does its works.


Sound CloudWhere you can find original music uploaded by the independent artist over 200 Million.

It’s nice to scan through artist songs one by one, listen to them and store them to your favorites instead of relying on its algorithm to choose songs for you.

You may need time search to its catalogs and upgrade your subscription to experience ad free.

It’s definitely ideal for a particular listener but not for the average one.


TidalListen to high-fidelity music for hi-fi enthusiast. Its market aims toward all people but specifically those who love to hear to high-quality and who only regards fidelity compared to usability.

The subscription cost of $20 monthly is worth it for people who don’t want to compromise quality and enjoys listening to excellent audio.

When it comes to advantages, it will most likely go to change in the succeeding months since other streaming services are offering lossless quality more than the 320 kbp/s

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