Wondershare Filmora Screen Recorder Review: Video Editing Made for The Not So Techy User

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Video editing before was only exclusive to professionals for special events like weddings, debut, birthdays, and other special occasions. To learn this skill, you need to study or enter a workshop for you to learn. It’s not readily available for everyone.

Wondershare Filmora Screen Recorder

As technology typically takes its course but just faster compared before, It offered hope to people to slowly edit some videos made by smartphones using their computer. It may not be as professional as it looks but already enough as a start.


When GoPro entered the market, people are really excited to document their adventures, trips, and for non-professionals, getting a high definition resolution videos.


Editing videos take hours and hours to learn, including more hours to make your first video but that’s not always the case. A casual user may not need a software used by professionals that offer lots of advanced features to make a professional video.


Wondershare Filmora offers beginners to learn how to edit videos fast either recording your computer screen or videos uploaded on YouTube.


For starters, you’re going to choose which aspect ratio you want but most commonly use 16:9 ratio.

There are two options given at the beginning which is the “Easy mode” and “Full feature mode.


The easy mode provides quick, easy conversion with minimal editing. I wouldn’t say minimal but easy mode, and full feature mode differs on available features.


Difference Between Easy and Full Feature Mode

Easy Mode Full feature mode
Themes Yes No
Adding videos Yes Yes
Adding music Yes, from free ones provided and your own music. Yes, but can adjust the length on which video will have the audio.
Settings Adjust video resolution to HD and change bit rate.


Edit Audio sample and bitrate.

Adjust video resolution to HD and change bit rate.


Edit Audio sample and bitrate.

Text Available on titles like Couples family name with the year, The End, and other titles. Yes, editing text more freely compared to easy mode.
Filters, Overlays, Elements, Transition, and Split screen No Yes
Format WMV, MP4, AVI, and other formats that can be uploaded whether YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and for DVD WMV, MP4, AVI, and other formats that can be uploaded whether YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and for DVD


For a simple video editing, easy mode is already enough. Using themes at the beginning to feature a summary of your video, adding background music, option to mute the audio of a video. Lastly, you can save it to a different format like WMV, MP4, and AVI.


If you like it to be uploaded right away to your account in YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo then just log in to your account. If you like to burn it to a DVD then it’s possible.


Full Feature


For the Full feature, the only difference is you can freely edit the music by adjusting its length, which video will have the music, and select which video to mute.


For text, you can make your own like adding “The End” at the last video or choose from pre-made text and just edit them. You can add it at the start, middle, and at the end.


For overlays and elements, you can add on it to match how you want it to portray whether like an old film or a new one.


You can have options to select which transition are you going to use when changing videos. For the split screen, it’s a useful feature when there is 2-3 person on the video, and you want to display their expressions and what they are doing or just show three people at the same time saying the same line as a Happy Birthday greeting.



Videos edited using Filmora can be at a professional level and will depend on how you maximize the full potential and features of it.


Try it out yourself.


Comment below on what are your thoughts on Filmora? Share if you like it.


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