Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder Review

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Update: I have actually gotten a lot of problems about the Wondershare streaming audio recorder. That is, when you are installing this software, you are needed to install a “Virtual Sound Card” on your computer to record music. It’s fine when you are recording music. However, you need to switch back to your default sound card when you’re finished with the recording. Otherwise, your computer won’t have any sound come out at all. That is exactly what puzzled a lot of individuals who have been using this software application. I saw a user who had re-installed the whole Windows operation system because he didn’t know the best ways to repair this issue.

So, I suggest a much better music recording tool called “Cinch Audio Recorder” which Wondershare recorder can do however better:

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder


Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder, a non-stop and versatile audio recorder, have acquired a very good response, gaining more than half a million of committed users all around the world. This program enables you to record music tracks from online radios and also to record your own voice, which will be useful to make your own online tutorial or to share messages in your voice.

Now, this program lets you record sound from the computer and microphone simultaneously, making it possible to record your singing, along with the karaoke. The audio recording is saved in high-quality to play it on your gadgets; to upload to music communities and to share with others via social media.

It is a fantastic and cheapest music downloader as well as recorder, which offers both download and recording options. Its recording features help users to record streaming audio effortlessly from all kind of online music sharing sites. The key point to note here is that it is 100% legal to use this recorder tool as the Streaming Audio Recorder complies with all the copyright laws.

How to Record Using Streaming Audio Recorder?

It is a multi-featured audio recorder that can record any audio automatically, enabling several methods. This program can not only record music but also able to record other files like videos, podcasts, audio calls, etc. It is an effective program, with which people can easily record streaming audios perfectly. If the program detects several audio files during the recording process, it will automatically split the tracks to the separate ones.

How to Record Streaming Audio Online?

If you want to specifically capture streaming audios that are broadcasted from radio stations, then this software tool will do its best by acting as an efficient internet radio recorder. It is a special program that keeps an updated database of available stations. Therefore, once you are connected to an internet radio station, you can listen to the live music and simultaneously record it, if you wish to.

This innovative audio recorder enables you to record music tracks from more than 1000 online music resources. And again as mentioned earlier, it is completely legal to use it for free personal use. Furthermore, this tool is also widely used for extracting the audio alone from various sites. For example, if you want to download a music track from YouTube video, but do not want the visuals, then it helps you to capture the audio alone, just as an MP3 file.

Smart Audio Recorder Forever

With this audio recorder, you can simply do the settings and sit back, for it to finish the remaining process automatically. Thus, you don’t need to wait in front of your PC until the task is completed. You can just initiate the recording process and look upon your other works, and return back to see a list of your favorite tracks on your computer that is ready to entertain you.


  • Cost effective.
  • Quickly captures audio, in not time.
  • Supports multiple file formats.
  • Most Reliable and accurate recording of streaming audio.
  • Built-in automatic music tagger.
  • Useful features to remove ads from your recording sessions.


  • A little clunky in its design.

I hope you find this review on Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder useful; if you have any query feel free to ask us. Do try the software and share your experience commenting.

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